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25 marketing tasks a social media manager will do for you

Social media has changed the way the world engages with each other and with businesses. Nowadays, by the time a customer gets in touch with you, it’s likely that they already know a great deal about your business, including some information you may not even be aware of!

Chances are, they’ll have encountered your products or services on a friend’s Facebook timeline or Instagram post before looking at your social media profiles and reviews. And only then will they decide to get in touch with you.

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It’s vital that your business has a social media presence. Your customers are already on social media, and so are your competitors. But, you might find social media for your business time consuming, ineffective, and daunting.

Enter the Social Media Manager.

When a social media strategy is in place and social media marketing campaigns are executed properly, the returns to your business can be substantial. Imagine a few extra hours in the day or a helpful pair of hands to do all the time-consuming tasks necessary to keep your social media presence alive…

Here’s what a good social media manager can do:

  1. Create your social media profiles – this will involve ensuring that all information fields are completed and optimised (‘About’, ‘Bio’, ‘Description’, ‘Website’) and also that profile images (banners, headers, profile pictures) fulfil recommended requirements for each social media platform so that they look at their best.
  2. Update profiles – social media platforms regularly update their interface, image requirements or posting formats. Your social media manager can make sure your profiles are always up to date.
  3. Update your business’ information – as your business grows and makes changes, updates need to be reflected on social media. Your social media manager will ensure that your audience is able to keep up with you.
  4. Create new pages – for business folk who have multiple business ventures or those building showcase pages or groups for their business.
  5. Research content – in order to make posts showing that you are aware of and up to date with all the latest industry news and innovations.
  6. Fact check posts – make sure the information you post are always accurate and up to date.
  7. Curate content – search your industry for content that provides value to your audience.
  8. Draft content – writing headlines, selecting excerpts, using relevant hashtags and keywords, and drafting posts for your approval.
  9. Organise a social media editorial calendar – putting together drafts in a format that specifies the day, time and social media platform where content is to be posted. This task also involves submitting drafts for your approval and fulfilling necessary edits.
  10. Creating or editing images – imagery increases engagement in all social media platforms. Your social media manager can create or edit images for you.
  11. Scheduling – done within the social media platform itself or through social media management tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Sprout. Some platforms such as Facebook allow users to schedule posts in advance. Scheduling through social media management platforms is useful when managing multiple channels or collaborating with other team members, but shouldn’t be relied upon alone.
  12. Monitor mentions – of the business, products, services and key people. Your social media manager can set up alerts and feeds through Google alerts, your social media management platform or other apps.
  13. Monitor keywords and hashtags – Your social media manager can track how they are used across the different channels and how frequently. If you have created a custom hashtag for your business, your social media manager can also track all the activities and respond to them accordingly.
  14. Manage engagements – respond to comments, replies and direct messages for your business.
  15. Initiate conversations – with prospective customers, current customers, the business community, industry peers and influencers on social media.
  16. Comment – when necessary on groups and pages.
  17. Grow your quality following – to reach a new audience and generate new leads.
  18. Manage your network – to keep an eye on connections that can potentially be customers or collaborators.
  19. Look for profiles and pages – in your niche that are valuable to your business and your customers.
  20. Manage ads – your social media manager is adept at facilitating the design, planning, targeting and measuring the results of paid ads on social media.
  21. Run social media contests – involving planning, design, promotion, engagement, after contest activities and lead management.
  22. Create landing pages – for your social media offers.
  23. Monitor metrics – set goals and identify key indicators to determine the efficiency of your social media campaigns.
  24. Track traffic to your website and activities – develop spreadsheets to track results from your social media profiles.
  25. Analyse data – to track ROI, record best practices and identify areas for improvement for future campaigns.

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