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3 reasons why you shouldn’t link your social media accounts

When you’re setting up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, you will be given the option to connect your accounts together, with the idea that when you post something on one platform, the exact same post will appear on the other platform. Sounds good, right? Well, none of your followers will thank you for it or appreciate it.

Here’s why linking your accounts DOESN’T work…

Posts often do not translate well across multiple social media platforms.

Linking social media accounts - LAMB Social Media Management

It used to be that one of the strongest points against linking your accounts was that each platform has its own functions and interactions. Twitter in particular had two main features that were Twitter specific – the #hashtag and the @reply. So, when you saw a hashtag or the “@“ symbol on a Facebook page or a Facebook profile, you knew right away that that was a post from Twitter. However, times have changed – Facebook lets you mention people with the “@“ symbol, and it also lets you use hashtags. Even so, I still see a few Pages inviting their fans to “favourite and retweet”, and a few Twitter profiles urging their beloved followers to “like, comment and share to enter the competition”. There are platform-specific instructions and features that just aren’t relevant to other social media platforms. And then there’s the issues that arise when a user’s @ name varies on different platforms and you wind up not tagging them on one particular social media platform or, worse still, tagging someone entirely different!

People don’t have the time to waste waiting to be redirected to another social media platform that they didn’t choose.

Linking social media accounts - LAMB Social Media Management - Marketing for Norfolk businesses

It’s fast becoming common practice that if your followers see your tweets with Facebook links, they might just un-follow you, and in any case they definitely won’t click on the link. By doing this, you’re not really engaging us. You’re just showing that you’re busy elsewhere! Keep in mind that your followers follow you because they want to see what you’re tweeting and your Facebook fans will ‘like’ your page because they want to read your posts. How many times have you seen a “I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me…” on your Twitter timeline, and actually CLICKED on it?

Negative perception.

Linking social media accounts is lazy - LAMB Social Media Management - Marketing for Norfolk businesses

The general perception from people who might catch you cross-posting is: “that’s just plain lazy” – and they have a point. We’re all busy, we all have so much to do, and perhaps on top of posting on social media you’re also getting the kids to school, catching up with admin, planning dinner, and so much more. Linking your accounts may appear as a convenient, quick and easy way to save time posting, but if you care about your fans and followers, you should take those extra 5 seconds to tailor your message to not only the social media platform you’re posting to, but your audience too. You don’t want your social media to look like a robot was posting for you. Each social media platform is different, as is the audience that comes with each platform.

We’re not saying that you can’t post similar or the same content to different social media platforms, but tailor it before posting.

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