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5 Steps To Increase Your Social Media Following [Infographic]

All too often, the importance of followers is overemphasised. Businesses have been known to do whatever it takes to increase follower numbers. But the number of followers you have is not a measure of your success on social media!

Unfortunately, simply chasing numbers often leads to a decrease in follower quality, fewer engagements and ultimately a weaker social media presence. In saying that, if you have a social media strategy that’s on point, there are distinct advantages to having more followers.

The trap many businesses fall into is thinking that all followers are equal, and that any new follower will have the same value as any other.

Just one new, engaged, loyal follower is far more valuable than just about any number of uninterested, impulse-followers.

So, stop asking for likes and requesting follow backs, and follow these 5 simple steps to increase the size of your social media following without ever sacrificing the quality of your audience:

5 Steps To Increase Your Social Media Following Infographic

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