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5 tips to create a killer Call to Action for Social Media

To really make the most out of your social media presence, ensure you are strategic with your calls to action.

If you’re reading this, then it is highly likely that you want to improve the conversion rates  of your calls to action on social media.

Poor results from calls to action are a frustrating problem to have, especially when they’re there to promote products and services you’ve spent a long time developing.

But, it’s not too difficult to fix the problem. You just need the right advice and to put in a little bit of elbow grease. We’ve sorted the advice for you nicely in this blog post, so the rest is up to you!

Here’s our top 5 tips for getting social media calls to action right, and some examples of exactly how it’s been done successfully.

Firstly, it’s all in the head…

Conversion consultant, Jeremy Smith, in this Kissmetrics blog post, says the modern web audience is accustomed to the call to action:

“This doesn’t mean they are going to convert,” he says. “It simply means their minds are prepared for the experience of being called to act. They know it’s coming. Their minds have already decided that there will be a CTA.”

According to Jeremy, the trick to making the most of this “perceptual set” is by making the call to action obvious and designing the page in a way that leads a viewer to it. Fortunately, the big social media platforms have done the hard work for you in terms of user interface design — all you have to do is get the calls to action on them.

But, when you’re creating calls to action on social media, it’s important to keep this point at the front of your mind. Don’t bury your call to action because you feel guilty about prodding your audience with it. They expect it, so give them what they want!

Local business Vintage Partyware employs this technique to promote their vintage hire business on their Facebook page.

They include the “Book Now” button which has a clear and direct purpose, and is exactly where the reader expects it to be.

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You want action. So ask for it!

Secondly, remember you are asking for an action. As much as you might want to share information with your readers, that’s not the purpose of a call to action.

I keep mentioning the word “action”. That’s intentional. Calls to action are called that for a reason.

For a call to action to really work, you need to build them with action words: Download my eBook. Click here to join my team. Contact me here with your questions. Secure your spot in my course here.

In addition to action, Zack Fagan from says you also want to create urgency. “Don’t miss out! Secure your spot in my course here,” sounds more compelling than, “Secure your spot in my course here.”

“Anything that makes your users think that there is a limited amount of time to complete the action will make the CTA more effective,” says Zack

Chatbooks creates this sense of urgency perfectly with their calls to action on Instagram. Notice how the phrase “BEFORE THEY MELT AWAY” is in a different style font? The copy also alerts followers that they will lose their Chatbucks (the benefit) if they do not use them before midnight on 30th June (urgency). This technique can motivate the doubters to push the button! Notice, too, how there is a lot of space, which makes the call to action text stand out.

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Images are vital

Mike Parkinson (no, not that one) from Billion Dollar Graphics suggests that we humans process images and numbers close to 60,000 times faster than we process words.

What does this mean for calls to action on social media? If you aren’t grabbing people’s attention with impactful graphics, you aren’t grabbing people’s attention.

ShortStack, a software company, was looking to generate likes on their Facebook page. The use of two simple words, a combination of eye-catching colors, and an image literally pointing to the “Like” button, was all it took to create an impactful cover photo call to action. And given theirFacebook page has over 75,000 likes, it’s probably a technique worth paying close attention to.

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Make the Benefit Clear

What do people get for doing what you ask them to do with your call to action? If you don’t make the benefit clear to them, or the benefit isn’t worth their click, why would they bother?

Local business Vintage Partyware uses this technique to gain subscribers to their blog.

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Notice how clear the benefit is: Subscribe to the blog, and you will receive FREE wedding tips from local professionals. And everyone loves to see the word “free” when they find something amazing, don’t they?

Test, Test, Test

Tim Ash, writing for, highlighted how important it is to test your calls to action after he profiled the AB testing done by some designers working at Unbounce.

The designers decided to change the text in this call to action from second person (“Start YOUR free trial”) to first person (“Start MY free trial”), to see if that would increase conversions. Surprisingly, they saw a conversion increase of 90%.

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In an article for the Optimizely blogAnne Murphy (Senior Managing Editor at Kapost) reported that 66% of the highest performing calls to action on their site included the word “get” and 60% included the word “your”.

“Given this information, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that “Get your” was our most effective word combination,” she said.

Getting Started

Social media calls to action are important and they aren’t always easy to create. But by using the five tips from the beginning and gathering inspiration from the case studies we’ve included throughout, you should now be able to create calls to action that actually convert on your social media platforms.

Still stuck? Don’t know what to post to social media about? Ask us how we can help!

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