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How Social Media Affects the Property Industry – abbotFox Norwich

Guest blog post by Josh from abbotFox Norwich

In a rapidly developing technological world, businesses are adapting to the curve balls that the new digital age is throwing at them – and estate agency is no different. Gone are the days of customers flicking through the property section and popping into the local agent. To stay ahead of competition and as a front runner of the industry, social media has become an imperative part of an estate agency’s infrastructure.

Zoopla currently rank abbotFox in the top four most influential estate agents using social media in the UK. We understand that the Norwich property business is a merciless market and we feel that with our esteemed social media background it allows us to stand out from the crowd and intensifies our brand awareness.

A quote taken from an industry expert revealed that “social media can help forge the connections that make realty go round,” and we exploit the use of social media to improve our local acquaintances.

Pioneering estate agents understand the countless benefits that the digital age can bring to their agency and have been reaping the rewards from their endeavours. Social media channels serve as a cost-free marketing tool for an agency to advertise themselves for a targeted audience to see, and with greater numbers than ever partaking in some form of social media activity, it is crucial for agents to have a lively presence online.

Facebook has a reported 1.393 billion active monthly users and Twitter has 288 million, alluding to the sheer mass of activity on social media. We comprehend the media benefits of having a large online presence, in terms of amassing new business as a powerful marketing tool but also for communication.

Understanding that appearing in additional media channels will create further business openings sounds simple, but is important for a company to realise. Social media can “increase customer experience, attract both buyers and vendors, build brand awareness and promote in house service and marketing events.”   

Interacting with the local community is another wonderful attribute that social media can offer an estate agency. Forging bonds and networking with other local businesses and persona allows a company to build and creates useful avenues which may not have otherwise been available.

It also offers the opportunity to be able to receive and deliver effective feedback to any reviews or queries that may arise about the company, therefore building customer service levels and increasing loyalty.

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