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Channel 4 seeks social media addicts

New TV programme aims to educate Twitter and Facebook fanatics on when they post one status update too many.

Over-sharers are a well-known, all too common breed.

Social Media Addict - LAMB Social Media Management Norfolk

We all see them on our Facebook feeds posting by-the-minute updates of the dinner party they’re attending (whilst presumably having no time to look up from their phone and actually engage with anyone), we scroll through their rolling Instagram database of every single meal they ever eat and we despair of their Twitter feeds, which are often more comprehensive than most day-planners (albeit retrospectively).

If you can’t scroll down your Twitter feed without being bombarded with tweets about what they’ve eaten, or if you know someone who can’t go five minutes without updating their timeline on Facebook, then Channel 4 wants to know about them for their new TV show.

The aim of the programme is to show Twitter and Facebook addicts when living their life on social media just becomes too much. In preparation for the upcoming, unnamed documentary, Objective Productions put out a call on Facebook for people to appear on the show.

The information is sparse, but the wording of the callout would suggest the format of the show will be similar to fixer-upper programs like Hoarders and My Strange Addiction, shows which identify an individual with an unusual problem and work through the course of the episode to help them improve.

Social Media Addict - LAMB Social Media Management Norfolk

The severity of social media addiction is still a subject of much debate. Some experts claim that there is a very real danger of getting so wrapped up in Facebook and whatever else that you start to neglect other, arguably more important things like eating and going outside, but equally some studies have suggested that ‘Facebook addiction’ is actually fairly rare.

In either case, if you have a friend who you think fits this description (or it’s you, but you’re understandably embarrassed about it), send an email to and they might well end up confronting their digital vice on UK TV.

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