A Comprehensive Guide to a Successful Landing Page

A Guest Blog Post from Sommer at Sidekick Digital

First impressions matter, which is why landing pages can be the death of your campaign if executed poorly. Potential conversion opportunities are frequently missed because of badly designed landing pages or unconvincing copy deterring users. The benefits are huge when you perfect your landing page design – warmer, educated leads, improved website conversion rate and ultimately increased sales.

At the end of the post, we’ve included an infographic to illustrate how easy the improvements can be.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone page designed with one specific goal in mind. If you’re directing people from a paid social media ad, common objectives usually include: getting new email newsletter sign ups, generating leads with a lead magnet and sign up form or improving sales of a specific product/service. Landing pages are perfect for achieving conversion goals as good designs remove any navigation to keep users on the page. This means there’s nothing to distract them from doing what you want them to do.

What is the Point of Different Types of Landing Pages?

There are two main types of standalone landing pages – lead generation pages and click through pages.

  1. Lead Generation.
    The focus of lead generation landing pages is all on getting a person’s name and email address with a strong call to action. This benefits email marketing the most, as these forms generate user data for use in future, targeted email campaigns. They’re also extremely useful for nurturing and developing leads. A company will typically provide an informative piece of content (lead magnet) for the data, to grow valuable, long-term clients.
  2. Click Through.
    The name says it all! Visitors click through to an additional page to buy a product or register for a particular service. This type of landing page exists to provide information to ‘warm leads’ who already know about your product or service and supply them with the extra knowledge they need to complete the sale. A click through landing page is perfect for increasing direct sales because leads have the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision, as well as funnelling towards the final checkout process.

How to Create a Converting Landing Page

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