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How new emojis could improve social media marketing

Have you ever searched for that emoji that just doesn’t exist? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that emoji company Unicode are releasing nearly 75 new emojis this month.

Dominos Emoji - LAMB Social Media Management NorfolkEmojis are fast becoming a regular way for businesses and social media managers to engage with their consumers. For businesses like Domino’s Pizza – whose social media managers have made good use of the pizza emoji in many of their marketing posts – the additional emojis could increase competition in the social media world.

Unicode released their 72 new icons, their names and corresponding keywords on their website. They include 7 faces, 7 people, 7 hand gestures, 14 plants/animals, 18 food emojis, and 12 sports emojis, among others. All are due to go live on 21st June when they are added to the most recent version of Unicode Standard. Here’s our top 5 new emojis and why we love them:New Emoji top 5 LAMB Social Media Management Norfolk

  1. The pregnant woman – because telling someone you’re pregnant is so last-year. Do it in a text with just one emoji!
  2. The lying face – because their nose really does grow when they’re telling porkies!
  3. The shrug – because it’s way too much effort to type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. The selfie – yep, now there’s an emoji too. Who needs a reason for this one?
  5. The green salad – because I’m always on a diet.

For social media managers of football teams, mobile phone networks and supermarkets, the new goal net, selfie and shopping trolley emojis might prompt expanded use of emojis in their posts.New Emoji marketing LAMB Social Media Management Norfolk

While the new emojis are fun and present a unique opportunity to social media managers, they shouldn’t be the focus of social media posts. Emojis should be seen as an addition to strategic posts rather than the main message. Strong writing should not be pushed aside – if marketers and social media managers use emojis to increase engagement in a post but don’t rely upon strong writing first, the posts will run the risk of not reaching their full potential.

Some of the new emojis have more obvious meanings (such as the gold, silver and bronze medals – perfect for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games), but others shouldn’t be treated so literally. Not all emojis convey a definitive emotion or meaning and therefore how one person might interpret the emoji can be very different from someone else’s perception.Olympics emoji LAMB Social Media Management for Norfolk Businesses

So when should social media managers use emojis in their businesses’ posts?

  1. When your product or service is targeted at millennial and Generation Z
  2. When there is a custom or special emoji created for a specific event, such as Twitter’s crown for the Queen’s 90th Birthday
  3. When an emoji suitably fits the business’ tone in which you connect with your audiences.

Click here and take a look at Unicode’s full list of new emojis to see which ones your business might benefit from. We’d love to hear if you intend to use any of them!

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