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Sell Products Using Social Media

A guest blog post from Joe Lenton

If you are hoping to sell products using social media then you need to think through your strategy carefully. How do you want to come across? Have you thought about how you can project a sense of value?

One of the most important things to look at is what images you are going to use. People engage with images before they read the text. A photo of your product on social media is likely to be the first impression many people get of your business. We all know that first impressions matter. So, how can you be sure that you are coming across well?

Professional product photography is an essential part of a social media marketing campaign. If you work with the right photographer with a good understanding of branding then they can help you to sell products using social media. You need images that are consistent with your branding and that create a sense of value for the potential customer. You are creating a story, a lifestyle that you want people to buy into.

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Great pictures can show off your product in its best light. They can also help with lifestyle associations, positioning your brand in the consumer’s mind. For example, if you sell a luxury food product you may want images that associate it with other high end goods such as niche drinks, home luxuries or possibly even fashion products. Jewellery and cosmetics can make simple, powerful cross-associations too, for example. If people aspire to the lifestyle projected by the images you use then they are more likely to buy.

Sell Products Using Social Media - Product Photography Joe Lenton - LAMB Social Media Norfolk

Sometimes you may wish to grab people’s attention with something unusual. High quality professional photographers will be able to photograph your product in ways that untrained people can’t. Images that use splashes and other special effects can be powerful ways of drawing attention. Pictures like these need strong photography technique and great retouching. These are skills that not everyone possesses. Knowing how to take a photo on your phone doesn’t mean you can create an arresting advertising shot that will make your product shine.

If you want to sell products using social media you need to treat your advertising there as seriously as you would a catalogue, shop window or magazine advert. Social media can be an effective low cost advertising channel. However, if insufficient thought and care is put into it just because it is cheap then there is a danger that the overall brand is damaged rather than enhanced.

Product Photography - Sell Products Using Social Media - Joe Lenton - LAMB Social Media Norfolk

Research has shown that social media posts with images receive more attention than those without. If you want more likes, retweets, shares, interaction and click-throughs then you need to be posting images and videos. The content we share needs to be high quality for the sake of our brands but also in order to grab and hold attention. People are bombarded with so much content these days that they will only stop and look at something that matters to them or is visually powerful.

Using appropriate images results in more interaction and more chances of increased traffic to your website. All of this helps boost your online presence. Make sure that the customer’s journey from first impression through to the buying page on your site is a consistent one leaving them in no doubt that your brand is great and worth buying into.

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