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Taking a holiday when you manage social media

If you manage social media accounts for a business, then you’ll know how much time and energy it takes to not only keep an account active and generate engagement, but to interact with that engagement too. It can be hard to disconnect when notifications ping through on your phone at all times of the day, and you respond as and when necessary. So how do you go about taking a holiday? You don’t want all the effort you’ve put in so far to go to waste, yet you don’t want to be working while you’re taking an all important break. Now we’re well into August and the summer holiday period, here’s a few ways and means which allow you to switch off without your business’ social media presence disappearing.

Schedule content Taking a holiday Social Media Training Tips Norfolk

1. Prepare and schedule content

I’m not a fan of automation all of the time. It has its downsides and at my workshops I always tall people that scheduling has its place but you should be present and ready to engage with your audience too. However, scheduling content is a great way to ensure your account remains active while you’re away. Obviously you won’t be able to post topical content, so schedule some evergreen content instead. I’d go so far as to have content scheduled for the day of your return to work too, to allow you some time to catch up with emails and admin before cracking on with your work. If your business doesn’t use a paid tool for this, consider using Tweetdeck for Twitter and Facebook’s inbuilt scheduling tool.

Draft guide Taking a holiday Social Media Training Tips Norfolk

2. Draft a simple ‘Our Business’ Social Media’ guide

Write down the basics covering when you post to your accounts, what should be posted, basic engagement management processes (likes, replies, shares) and make this available for somebody else in your team (or a friend you trust), which leads on nicely to point number three…

enlist help Taking a holiday Social Media Training Tips Norfolk

3. Get others on board

Appoint a designated person (whether that’s a colleague at work, or a friend your trust) to handle any engagement, questions, or Twitter chats etc. that you will miss through being on holiday. Don’t forget, you’ll have done the hard work in scheduling the content to go out… they just need to be briefed on how to interact with any engagement you receive. Bear in mind that if you’d like to schedule to Instagram while you’re away, then this person will need your social media management tool of choice installed on their phone and linked to your account in order to upload those posts for you.

Switch Off Taking a holiday Social Media Training Tips Norfolk

4. Truly switch off

In the days before social media, I took great pleasure in turning my phone off completely for the duration of my holiday. Nowadays, you might want to stay connected in some way, even if all you are doing is making friends and colleagues jealous with your beach pics on your personal accounts! However, it’s all too easy to just take a look at the comments on Facebook, or to see who’s about for #NorfolkHour while you’re away… sign out of any business accounts, especially if you’ve been feeling tired lately – you need a break. Feeling tempted? Delete the apps instead! You can always reinstall them after your holiday.

Set Limits Taking a holiday Social Media Training Tips Norfolk

5. If the above isn’t possible, set yourself clear limits

I know how hard it is – no matter how hard you try, there might just be times where you’ll need to check in with your social media accounts while your taking a holiday. Do so if needs be, BUT set yourself strict time limits and stick to them. Remember, it’ll all be there waiting for you upon your return to work.

The nature of working with social media is that you’re ‘on call’ all the time… and this is exactly why you deserve a break! So, go.. relax, recharge, destress, enjoy yourself. Just put in a little preparation beforehand to allow it to happen. Let us know in the comments box below if you have any additional suggestions, and have a relaxing holiday!

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